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Our Mission:
To support Souls like you and I who are in need of kidneys, any other organ or financial support. To help them live a better life while still living in their physical human temples. It is our desire to share compassion with such individuals who are diagnosed with organ disorders.

I welcome you to The Spirit of Humanity Foundation. The foundation is at this moment in its infantry stage. As we grow, we will be populating a database of prospective organ donors and prospective matching recipients.

Founder's Story:
I was about to go to my son's matriculation at the University of Indiana in August of 2008 when I noticed that my feet were swollen and my urine muddy. So I decided to visit our family doctor. "Your lab work is not very satisfactory", the doctor said. "Please come and see me immediately upon arrival from your son's college", she concluded. I did upon arrival. Biopsy was performed and indeed, my kidneys were failing to function well.

From 2008 to date I have undergone fifteen surgical procedures all resulting from failing kidneys. I started dialysis in April of 2012, and till now attend dialysis therapy three times a week, four hours approximately for each session. That excludes driving time, and extra time spent at times on stopping hemodialysis fistula access point from bleeding.

Work? Almost impossible. My IT project that required traveling came to an end in April of 2012. I was admitted to the hospital and started dialysis. I was extremely weak for almost two years during which dialysis therapy was adjusting to my body functions that the thought of working was very remote, to survive was my main focus.

It's a long story with down-to-earth painful learning experiences. Only those loved ones who were, and are close to me can tell the magnitude of what we all endured and are enduring because of my health, especially my 87 year old mother who lives with us.

All life savings have gone into paying bills and medication, not to talk about prescription medicine.

My wife and I still run our small IT business by attending proposal meetings, looking for contracts on days and hours that I am not too weak or on dialysis. This is to try to keep our corporate web site alive so that our business doesn't collapse completely. However, for now, I have found an additional calling at this graceful age of my life; to provide support for people who have been diagnosed with organ disorders like me.

The agony of dialysis and its side effects have brought me to start this foundation initiative.

A friend of mine, Fess raised my hope when he said "Olumide, you have done a lot for many people, it's time for us your friends to help you. If you at least try to ask for help and fail you would know that you have succeeded halfway, but if you do not try at all it is 100% failure. So let us try to raise fund and ask for kidney donors." Little did Fess know that time that he was speaking for thousands of organ patients in the world. By National Kidney foundation statistics:

Key Facts:
On average:
Nearly 3,000 new patients are added to the kidney waiting list each month.

12 people die each day while waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant

Every 14 minutes someone is added to the kidney transplant list.

In 2013, 4,453 patients died while waiting for a kidney transplant.

Acceptable organ donors can range in age from newborn to 65 years or more.


My Blood Type is B+ (B Positive).

If you would like to donate an organ, SHF's online database has made the process simpler. Join the membership drive at JOIN TODAY, JOIN NOW, Thank you!.

To donate fund in support of our missions, please use our PayPal online paymet hub:

Please join us in building the Spirit of Humanity Foundation, the Spirit of Divine Love that Sustains us all




Spirit of Humanity Foundation
7456 NW Greenspring Street
Port St lucie, FL 34987, USA

We are able to do what we do best by your loving donations. As a Donor or Patient NOTE that no DONATION is required. This service is for you, your membership is 100% free. It is against the US Law to exchange money for an organ. Organ donation is from the heart and must remain free.

Fund is needed to sustain the online membership system's backend databases, O/S servers and several other applications that keep it alive. Fund is also needed to hire and keep subject matter experts in the Non-Profit industry and supporting inustries like Human Resources, Legal, IT, Insurance, Campaign Management, Tax, Government etc.

Thank you! May you continuously realize the Divine Blessings that are always around you.

This cause and call will continue even after my full recovery. Been there, had it all, lost it all; great health and wellness we all take for granted. Having gone through pains, fear and agony, knowing how it feels as a primary source of such experiences, it's natural and divine for me to engage in helping and serving others who may be in need of donated organs. Please join me to build this foundation, we do the best we can in the Name of The Spirit of Humanity, the Spirit of Divine Love that sustains us all.

Please Spread the Word! If we can connect with 10,000 donors per year who donate $100 each, we would reach our goal of helping five or more kidney patients each year. All donations are appreciated, so please donate whatever you can. You can further help us reach our goal by sharing this message with at least 5 of your friends, co-workers, family members and others. You can send emails about it to your contacts. You can tweet the URL or share it on Facebook or other social networks to which you belong. Links are on the SHF's Home page.

Kindest wishes,

Olumide K. Olamigoke, PhD

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